I have bred German Shepherds since 1977. I was most fortunate to buy a dog out of a German Import His name was Borderfame The Usher "Khan". He was from a working kennel that bred mainly for the police and other security uses.. Jansires Aces High is a direct descendant of this most loyal and truly magnificent dog...

Dogs from Khans lines had been at crufts since the 1980s. They were owned by Sue and Andy Forman. Sue and Andy brought a lovely big dog from me called " Saxon" They joined our team and very quickly took to showing. They then brought a bitch from me called " Codie " these two dogs became the foundation dog and bitch for the "Suzdans" German Shepherds..Dogs bred from these two dogs took Sue and Andy to many many wins and to Crufts for many years..

I being a Dog Trainer first and team manager second spent my years running a busy Dog Training School . Helping all pet owners that came through our doors. The school was run as a club with all subs going to the Display Team. The Dog Display team work all through the summer every weekend helping to raise money for all kinds of charity. plus we ran pet dog shows, visited schools. For many years that was my dog training life..

I did the odd shows with my own dogs in Obedience or Pedigree. This was mainly through the winter when I had time. I always did well with my home bred dogs at open and championship level.

Every year we went to Crufts " We " was my MUM who was my right hand, she had been with me right from the start, she had been one of my first handlers in the team. A gentle soul with a guiding spirit my lovely "Mum" a true dog lover...

Every year we would stand and watch Sue and Andy's dogs in the big ring at crufts. Every year my mum would say " Our Janet it would be great to see you at crufts with one of your dogs." Every year I would say " I know but were am I going to find the time to campaign my dogs"

2002 I lost everything the day my mum died.. even now I cry, my heart was truly shattered. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. The dog school she helped me to build, the team that she loved. I could not go to Crufts again and did not... I was alone for the first time in my life..

The years fell by I looked after my farther tried to carry on I had a lot of support from everyone in the team, dog people are good people and I have some of the best. but nothing felt right..

2005 Andy and Sue had a smashing young dog called Sirrus. I had a bitch called Honey she was the last of my lines . They asked me what I was going to do as she was getting older, and would soon be passed breeding age. My lines would die with her.

I sat I thought I pondered ,all my life with my dogs Khans blood had bred on .I had lost mum I did not want to lose the only thing I had left. Mum and Khan were very close. She loved him, he was her

"Big Bear"

2006 10th .January. Three boys arrived, mum was fine the boys were strong and healthy apart from the youngest. He was gasping he could not suckle. When I put him to mum he just lay gasping.

I tucked him down my jumper and prayed. Every 30 mins I dropped two drops of fluid down his throat. I did this all night and day for 24hrs. His breathing settled his gasping stopped and when I put him to mum he suckled.. I felt as if I had been given something back.

My loss over mum was slowly killing me from the inside. "but " this little spark of life just kept going and growing and so did my love and respect for this little scrap that refused to die...



Ace running
Ace jumping
Ace prowling


My puppies grew very quickly.  They were strong and powerful boyz..  We fell in love with them.
They changed our lives for the better.

I believe that dogs are spiritual creatures who seem to guide us on the path of life.
They take care of us emotionally.  and support us in our low times.  a true gift.

I named the boyz. 

I had always liked Sabre..
My biggest boy became
me being A Lord Of The Rings fan.

My very dark almost completely black with tan legs and a dark eye that was like liquid chocolate became
after one of his ancestors. "JANSIRES CHEIFTAN BORDER BLUE".
A most powerful dog with a most powerful temperament. 
A dog who demanded respect  and got it.

There could be only one name for my smallest boy my little spark of life that kept shining. 
"ACE"    became
after the 1st world war pilots who possessed great determination and courage.
This my little spark had in abundance


They were soon ready to attend our training school with mum Honey.

" When are you going to sell them  Janet?"

"How much are you selling them for?"

"Make sure they get good homes"

" Ah they are lovely"

"whisper"    " I bet she keeps them!"

How right they were.
How could I choose between three such beautiful boys.
The last of my lines.

No  chance  my  home  would  be  their  home  for  LIFE.


2007......THE YEAR

The year I campaigned my Ace for Crufts..  I knew he had something special.  All of the boyz were show quality.  The only difference being size.  Sabre was a big boy and colour, T.J. being very dark.

Ace was just right no extremes.  To Qualify Crufts you have to enter Championship shows.  The best of the best enter these shows (well that’s what we owners think).

I was unable to show ACE myself as I had ill health.
I could do the Training but not the running.  Andy Foreman the owner of the sire, along with my daughter Jannet, Handled him in the ring

I could never have got there without you.

My ACE Qualified Crufts at the West Of England Ladies Kennel Society show in April 2007.

My ACE my little spark I held my lovely boy and sobs fell from my heart...

My ACE had done it first time out.  He had done it for me and my lovely  " MUM".

Things would never be the same again, my lovely lovely boyz..  thank you for giving me  the will to succeed.  The will to be whole again..  my lovely Ace for giving me the will to do something in MUMS memory. 

Words really are not enough..

..... THIS  IS  ACE'S  STORY......



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