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Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

In Memory
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 G.S.D. Born 1977 

The years may pass

But my love grows deeper

Memories are sweeter

Rest until we meet again

My beloved friend.



A lovely handsome nearly all black GSD, a very pleasing youngster who was taken away from us 3 years ago, having a minor operation.

 Ted, our sorrow at losing you never really eases, but it's good to know that your memory last.  Without that memory, we would not have been able to carry on.

We know that you are 100% with us and in your half brother, Chace.  We see you and your loving mischief. 

God Bless our special boy.

Until we meet again,

Love Mum, Dad, Daniel, Amie, Cassie, Saxon, Mum Codie, Saracen, Ceyfah and Chace.







Life sparkled when you came along.

Unwanted, unloved

You were so full of life.

Fearless defender of our family

My beautiful gal.

Keep barking and playing, tail wagging

For evermore.

See you on the other side

BESS OF FARNBOROUGH    Collie cross 1970

Tragically killed

Deep deep in my heart

Is a special place for you,

Where the love and devotion

You gave to me

Keeps my heart beating true.

Wait for me.






29.6.88 - 11.6.00

Sadly put to sleep after short illness. 

Saxon, a true and loyal German Shepherd, one in a million, a real credit to his breed who gave us a life when things were so low.

A wonderful guardian of our family, a  good obedience and show dog but an excellent display team member working for charity for over 11 years. Sire and grandsire to the up and coming Suzdans kennel. 

Our memories of you will live on with us always. Thank you for being ours. We love and miss you so much - there's such an empty space that can never be filled.  Until we meet again, God Bless you and Saxon 'Run Free' you are simply the best. 

Love always,

           Mum, Dad, Daniel, Amie, Cassie your life  longCompanion, Codie, Saracen, Ceyfah, Chace &  Mayson xxx woof woof


This is for Jansires Raven Wing ~ ’RAVEN’ Border Collie ~ April 2000.


In a world of hurry and pain, I often stop and think about the awful amount of cruelty that we inflict on this most beautiful and dutiful companion.

I beleive that the dog must be treated with the utmost respect.  If we can treat each other with respect,  then why not a companion who communicates in a different way.  This also applies to all animals.

So many times, I see cruelty and dismissal.  Rejection is terrible.  When you walk into your home and the dog jumps at you to say "Hello", so many times do I see the pain  of rejection.  You bellow "Get down" or even smack the dog. You are wrong.  If a person you loved shouted at you and ignored you, you would soon become withdrawn and confused.

Stop, take time just to say hello to this lovely friend who is giving you such a greeting.  I hate the abuse of the Control Freak or the moody and nasty individual who takes sick satisfaction out of bullying and cowering a dog for no reason apart from their own nastiness. 

The Control Freak has to show power by constantly being overbearing and keeping the dog in a constant state of fear. Yes, these people do exist. If they cannot inflict their abusive and cruel ways on other people or children, then the closest thing to man is the Dog!

There is many a cry and squeal of pain that is repeatedly heard from a neighbours dog that is repeatedly ignored.  There are so many sad eyes in a backyard, that live in stench and squalor, hardly fed, never brushed, tied to a pole.

There are so many old dogs with matted and dirty coats, long overgrown claws, they can hardly move. Simple veterinary attention could relieve pain, make them more mobile, giving them a quality of life. 


It is up to everyone who owns and loves a dog to fight these so called 'dog owners'.  Support the charities who try to help - always report cruelty to the authorities. 

Become Guardians of MAN'S BEST FRIEND....




Danzans Spirit of Blue Pearl.  Born 9.9.91 - August 2000

 My Chez, 

Sparkle forever, My Chez,

Play forever, My Chez,

You were my friend, My Chez,

You kept me going when no one else cared, My Chez,



Wait for me, My Chez,

Guide me to Heaven, My Chez,

Until we meet again, Stay close, My Chez,

 Mum & Leo. xxxx

He misses you so much I
didn't know dogs could cry



Memorial for Sonny
Memorial for Sonny - Photo of Sonny

Years ago in fact it seems an age ago on very cold and foggy Saturday morning we set out to look at a sheltie pup, the weather was awful and when we got to the breeder there was only one little boy left.

Needless to say out journey home included a new member of the family we pondered on a suitable name for this little bundle which seemed to love us already.

That foggy day we found a ray of sunshine and so what more appropriate name than Sonny, and he was, he loved everyone as he grew up he had numerous health problems but this little fellow took it all in his stride.   Through everything he was always ready to wag his tail infact wag his body was a more appropriate discription.   Sonny went on to become a member of a local display team and a registered PAT dog visiting nursing homes and hospitals, you just could not ignore Sonny this handsome little dog with his happy outlook and sweet nature he demanded attention & got it.

He had visisted Crufts on several occasion to be in the PAT dog parade which he took in his stride not at overalled to be among so many people and dogs.

Yes our Sonny is a hard act to follow, and as yet I do not feel ready to try and find another ray of sunshine, but maybe one day some little sheltie will need a good home and who knows.

We love and miss you

Linda Wild and Family X X X X





Devoted companion of Saxon Spirit of Blaze. 
A most handsome and faithful cat,
everyone who saw Jake loved his colour and his
inquisitive character. 
Sadly, this most beautiful cat passed away aged 7. 
Too young to go.

We’ll never forget you Jake.  Love xx..mum, dad, Amie, Daniel, Codie, Saracen, Ceyfah, Cassie.





Dog, Leo always loved

Your eyes never leave me.

Your loyalty overwhelms me.

Just being there is everything to me.

My devoted friend and companion.

This is from me.

I will always love you.

God take care of the German Shepherd  YOU gave to me.




In Memory
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