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  Parasites Natural Health
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Introducing our Health Adviser Fleas (All you need to know) Herbs for Your dog's health

Health Check When Grooming Your Dog

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Worms Aloe Vera
Visit to a Grooming Centre Snail Hazard Page 10
Grooming the long coat Ear Mites Collagen & the elderly dog
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Nails Maintaining your dog's health STOMACH TORSION or twist
Ears Carrots, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic  
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Pyometra is the "Silent Killer"
Liver Disease Page 7  
GASTROENTERITIS Overheating/ Heatstroke
DIABETES.. Human drugs can be fatal for dogs  


Over the last 30 years, I have worked in every aspect of the dog world. I have managed a Boarding Kennel and I have cared for ill dogs and have nursed terminally ill dogs.

I have bred and hand reared puppies and am able to help you with most health matters.

My experience in the health care of the dog will be of benefit to our dog lovers.

I have come across most health problems; most of my experience comes from breeding and caring for my own lovely dogs. This includes nursing ill dogs; nursing terminally ill dogs; hand rearing puppies.

I have also managed and worked in Boarding Kennels where cleanliness is an everyday problem and where dogs can become ill very quickly.

Also, with my vast experience of working with dogs and people in the pet world, I can hopefully pass my experience on to you and stop problems before they arrive.

I stress that the ultimate health expert is the Vet! Our Vet on line is there to help you and your dog, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Janet Wesley.


© Janet Wesley

If you have any problems, email us for advice. Training@worldofdogs.cc


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Head Trainer Janet Wesley
Tel: 0115 8462031 or
email: JanetWesley@worldofdogs.cc


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